Boston Building Consultants

Boston Building Consultants Services

We offer our services to architects, owners, contractors, developers, facility managers, construction managers, etc. as part of a team effort on projects from straightforward to complex and small to multi million dollars.

Investigations. Provide reports to clients addressing structural concerns, identifying problems and their causes, and recommending solutions.

Consulting. Provide technical advice to clients. This may include recommendations about material choice, appropriate structural systems, or other advice.

Design. Provide stamped and signed structural drawings and specifications for building, permitting and construction.

Fast Track Design. Provide structural documents (drawings and specifications) with less detail for contractors to bid and build. Work closely with contractor and design team during construction to develop design, ensure conformance with Building Code requirements and the design teams’ objective.

Construction Administration. Periodically visit the site during construction as required by the applicable Building Code as the Engineer of Record, review fabrication shop drawings and submittals, resolve structural issues during construction, and provide final control construction structural affidavit at the completion of the project.